Tuesday, June 18, 2013

big, big, big news!

i've been a bit MIA from my blog lately. life has been insanely busy the last week or so. 
i just wrapped up another movie with the amazing swirl films this morning called, "the love letter" great cast. great script. and, as always, great crew. i was asked a couple days before filming if i would step up from key PA (my usual job) and be the 2nd A.D. (assistant director) the 2nd A.D. is third in command on set. it's a massive responsibility and i was nervous that i wasn't ready for it just yet. i spent the day before production at the swirl film's offices prepping .... and prepping some more. got home late, fell in bed, woke up early, threw up the nerves (literally), and off i went. i was thrown into the deep end but i swam!! this morning i was asked to be the official 2nd A.D. for swirl films! meaning, every swirl production, i am the 2nd A.D. whoa! my mind is still blown but i feel so blessed.

the year 2013 has been a life changing year for me thus far. 
it has gone a little something like this......... 
- scored an internship with swirl films on the production of "frat brothers" as a production assistant 
- asked back by swirl films to be a paid production assistant on the production of the feature film, "the perfect summer" and was promoted to key PA on the first day of filming. even got to be the 1st assistant director for the last 3 scenes filmed of the movie.
- asked to be 2nd A.D. of  "the love letter"
- was made official 2nd assistant director of swirl films for all production 

i feel so, so honored to be apart of the swirl films family. they have absolutely changed my life. namely the president of swirl films and executive producer, eric tomosunas and especially their 1st assistant director, drue "true drue" powell. after my internship on "frat brothers" he put me under his wing and my career boost is in huge thanks to him. he believes in me before i believe in myself. he tells me to "swim" and throws me into deep water. i honestly get emotional when i think of this guy and definitely will never be able to thank him enough! 

and, as always, here are some photos from my time on "the love letter" 
my other swirl half, nadra, and i busy doing pre-production

hanging out with keisha knight pulliam's teacup yorkie, kunta. so cute!!! 
just chilling with our bestie during a long night on set
working hard in the production office's trailer on set
Drue "True Drue" Powell and Key PA Nadra! my team! best team in show business!! 
true drue and naddy fulfilling their stand in duties a little too well...... 

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Carolyn said...

Lauren, can't tell you enough what great things your doing. Your ability to "face the fear and do it anyway" will always amaze me. Your doing great sweetie! (P.S. My greatest source of pride in you is that you ate the SUSHI!!!!)