Tuesday, July 9, 2013

these tunes have been on repeat the last 4 days in my car. 
may as well put my life to music. 
mostly #2, counting stars

welp......... hello, there. no point in beating around the bush. i have been a bit absent from my blog lately. or, ask anyone here, i have been a bit absent from life lately, too. but i have a very thrilling few weeks ahead of me! i get the keys to my new apartment on thursday and start moving in that night/friday/saturday. i am sooo so so so excited. did you get that? so excited. this week, so far, has consisted of packing and well...... packing. it is amazing how many things one can accumulate after living in the same quarters for 2.5 years. i am loving getting rid of clutter and unnecessary contents. only the necessities and things i have severe emotional attachments to (be real, we all have them...) are coming with me in this move. i am talking FRESH START, people!

oh and i head to Europe next thursday with the family........ better believe i will be documenting our time  via video. my family better get used to my camera all up in their space for 11 days. 


Jill Binks said...

So fun! I'm glad life is treating you so greatly! :) Miss you!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the update. I've missed your blogs!