Tuesday, September 17, 2013

lessons learned

lessons learned 
++ people come into our lives at the most perfect of times 
++ hard times reveal true friends
++ heavenly father is in the details of our lives, everything, everything little thing, happens for a reason 
++ never let a target-aholic go to target on a budget, ie: me 
++ peanut butter m&ms are still my favorite candy 
++ running is the best, most overlooked natural antidepressant 
++ i need new running shoes, mine are definitely on their last days 
++ a good laugh and a long sleep can heal just about everything. well, that-- and a cookout reeses milkshake (extra reeses) 
++ don't trust words, trust actions 
++ the best relationships usually happen unexpectedly 
++ the best revenge is living a happy life 
++ duck dynasty is preeeetty darn brilliant, and that's a fact, jack
++ some people lead and some people follow 
++ lets just be real, double stuff oreos are 10x better than regular oreos
++ staying up talking to my favorite person is worth every yawn and every exhausted minute
++ i'm a lucky girl 

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Carolyn said...

Howdy Peaches,
Loving that you updating more often. I really like your new blog format. Pretty cool! Lets face time soon, ok?! I love you!