Monday, September 16, 2013

love notes

dear rainy monday, 
you were a weird day today

dear oreos, 
you are a lovely addition to roommate night tonight, thanks for joining us.

dear he who will not be named,
you have a lot of growing up to do, pal.

dear weekend, 
you were a great one and i am sad you are over.

grandpa & grandma, 
i need to call yall soon!  love you both!

dear utah, 
i am coming to see you november 7th baby!

dear baby kearns, 
i am crazy excited to be your aunt and to meet you real soon little guy!

dear strep throat, 
i am glad you finally kicked the bucket. 
but could you please take the head cold with you?

dear boy, 
i sure am lucky to have you! 

dear she who will not be named,
you will never ruin me. and i feel bad for you.
theeeee end. 

dear desperate housewives, 
you are my new netflix addiction and i am not ashamed.
i think. 

dear life,
you roughed me up pretty good but you showed me what a real friend is 
and really, thanks for all the lessons learned.
mean it. 

dear cereal, 
i could live off of you. 
and these days, i kinda do! 

 dear little sister mckell,
you mean the world to me, sure love you little buddy. 

dear bedtime,
i'm ready for you.



MissDMarie said...

I think you will really like Desperate Housewives!

Carolyn said...

Dear Lauren,
Mom loves you. Your cool. I'm proud of you and miss kissing your face.