Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 8: A Song To Match Your Mood

My day is moving along swimmingly, it's been surprisingly productive. So really. There are plenty of songs that could fit my current mood.


Two songs come to mind right now for today. . . and everyday for the last 2 months and if I were a gambler, I would bet it will be my two songs for the next two months!

1) Carolina by Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny
2) Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor

Why? Well. In 62 days I am moving to Wilmington, North Carolina and I am SO nervous, SO anxious and SO excited. I am totally stoked to start this new part of my life and new adventure!

But, here is the real question. . .

Wilmington... are YOU ready for ME?

(me in Wilmington August 2010)

One last thing... I gave a talk yesterday in church about Gratitude and it really made me realize... I am NOT grateful enough for the things I have been given. And I definitely don't show or voice it nearly enough as I should. So, going with the spirit of November (Yes, November. Can you believe it?) I will end all of my posts with something I am thankful for!

Today I am thankful for my roommates. They have quickly became my very best friends.
Seriousy. I am SO lucky. And it will definitely rank high on my hardest things I've ever had to do list when I leave them for North Carolina... I will cry like a baby.


Courtney Kearns said...

Stop trying to be me. Copy Cat.

Laur. said...

Pretty sure it was my talk and pretty sure gratitude is universal. and pretty sure I bought your husband a milkshake tonight. so, I win.