Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life Threatening Conditions

hey hey hey.
Today was just great.
We had our own little personal snow day.
Eastern Idaho was under severe blizzard warning.
Everything was closed... malls, freeways, everything.
Pretty nuts.
And for Idaho to close things down just because of snow is unheard of.
So, taking advantage of the opportunity, my sisters (McKell, and Christina) and my best friend Courtney climbed out of bed and stayed in our PJs all day watching movies (Toy Story 3.. so sad!) drank hot chocolate, played games and made Christina a blog!
It was fantastic.

Day 30: A photograph of yourself today + 3 good things that have happened to you in the last 30 days.
It is our last day! 30 days went by fast....
But here is a picture of myself today. It's not the best...
I had a five star lazy day, ya know.
Here's Nina Ballerina and I
Three good things...
1) Finalizing my apartment and roommates in North Carolina
2) Christina coming home from tour!
3) Starting my blog..... of course.

But today I am thankful for the safety of my family!
Today was such a crazy day for traveling and both of my parents and my sister were supposed to be on the roads today.
Thank goodness they were not stupid about things and changed their plans.

For everyone that used their heads today and stayed safe, good on you!
Also, definitely check out Christinas' blog HERE
You may recognize her from this year's America's Got Talent.
please stay safe :)

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