Thursday, April 7, 2011

[insert creative title here]

Every Thursday night is Institute down here for the YSAs. 
It's always, always always a great night.
and tonight was certainly no different! 
I don't know what it was about tonight but my ears were in full force and it was an amazing lesson! 
It was on DC 88 [the second coming] and I learned SOOO much.
I was asking questions the whole darn time. 
And Brother Weight, bless his heart, answered every single one of them beautifully! I swear that man knows everything.
Dana and I walked out in absolute awe of everything we just learned.
So that was awesome...
and you know what else is awesome?
My friend Lauren Bleggi and I just signed up for the annual Wilmington Dili Dash on april 23rd. 
and ya know, I am pretty stoked about it!
It's a 5K run/walk around downtown. DOWNTOWN! my favorite place ever. 
equipped with a free tshirt (I'll do anything for that) and fooood.
It will be excellent. we are pumped.
I'll leave yall with this fun picture. It was a few weeks ago. But this is Mary and I on our run downtown... 
not the best quality but you'll get over it.

 Also. 10 things that make me terribly happy! 
 1. cook-out milkshakes... reeses with extra reeses 
2. good phone talk with my mama
3. happy weather ... like today's.
4. summoning mac and having him magically appear 
5. a good book (currently reading: The Help ... I love it) 
6. that good ol' southern hospitality 
7. crossing the bridge back into Wilmington after work 
9. lying in bed before sleep watching a favorite tv show 
10. sundrop, sundrop and more sundrop

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Sammy said...

I loooved The Help. Such a great book.