Tuesday, April 5, 2011

maniac monday

Let me personally give all yall a thumbs up for surviving Monday.

highlights of my monday
1. coasting through a hectic day at work (go me!) 
2. my endless supply of Sundrop
3. seeing the temp be 75 degrees outside at 9 in the morning... yes, I said 9 in the morning.
4. reading The Four Agreements (it should be a law to read this book, it will change your life) 
5. going on a lovely little walk with Dana
6.(I couldn't stop at five) watching some rad SNL clips 

downlights(that's a word today) of my monday:
1. paying my rent/bill and watching my bank account go plop 
2. the nasty wind blowing my hair into a birds nest 
3. feeling completely on the ugly side today. i hate those days.
4. almost getting attacked by cow birds walking with Dana (and no, they aren't called cow birds, but they should be. they're massive!)
5. seeing my gas tank hit empty... boo you gas prices

Happy Tuesday!


Courtney Kearns said...

Four Agreements? Glad you've finally listened to me, almost a year later!

MissDMarie said...

Those "cow birds" are called ......buzzards? haha