Sunday, April 3, 2011

love letters


dear work, thank you for giving me the day off.

 dear straight hair, humidity hates you. curly hair is taking over.

dear face, you kind of suck right now ya know that? get control of yourself.

dear roommates, come home soon. this apartment is lonely without you.

dear traffic, thanks for making me late to work this morning. you're lucky my boss is nice. 

dear computer, sometimes, and by sometimes i mean right now, you breathe to loud and it scares me.

dear golfers, stop asking me if we have a senior rate. it's golf, people! yall are seniors! and no, i can't make the wind stop. you're on the coast boys, it's part of the deal. 

dear mother nature, i am glad you have decided to stop pmsing and give me some more of that sunshine and heat stuff.

dear heart, you'd make my life simpler if you become better acquainted with my mind.  

dear Suzanne Collins, thank you for writing The Hunger Games. It has taken over my life! my life, i tell you! 

dear pop tarts, you should make your way into my apartment. you sure sound awfully delicious right now. 

dear obama, i'd trade you in for a pop tart if i could.

dear oprah, i will miss you. (yes that just happened)

dear gas prices, ....REALLY?!?

dear bed, you are my new best friend. starting right... now!


Carolyn said...

Dear Daughter....I love you. Your blogs make me smile. I get so excited when I see a new posting! You are my Sunshine!

Courtney Kearns said...

hahaha these were funny. obama poptart...