Tuesday, May 17, 2011

goodbye, but just for a little while

Last night I took a little road trip to Jacksonville to Camp Lejeune and said goodbye to my good friends Joe and Ian.
We said our goodbyes and watched as they loaded the bus that would take them to their plane, then onto Afghanistan. 
I've been over to Camp Lejeune a few times but I have never really
seen the military life like I did last night. 
It broke my heart standing there watching fathers say goodbye to their children and wives. absolutely tore it apart.
One thing is for sure, seeing what I saw last night really made me view our armed forces in an entirely new light. 
and I gained a lot more respect and sympathy for their families. 
 they are ahhhmazing!
and who doesn't enjoy a man in uniform? 
I know I do.

Happy Tuesdeee....

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