Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend, i do miss you

Here I am at work.
and it is definitely a Monday.
our slowest days here at the golf course are Mondays.
and today was no exception.
and I realized I pretty much get paid to get hit on by old men golfers.
which is okay.
but slightly creepy.
maybe one day I'll give them one of these.

or maybe not.

my weekend was indeed fabulous.
Friday I worked all day before heading over to my friend's college graduation/birthday party. any night to drink sundrop and be silly with my closest friends is a good night.
afterwards we braved the night by playing some midnight beach volleyball and talked way past my bedtime

Saturday I lived it up underneath the sun with the girls
and then chelsea, mary and I craved some Smithfields where I partook in my favorite: tenders with hushpuppies
(darn you south for your fried foods that are SO SO good. fried corn bread. who would have thought?)
Later that night I treated myself on one crazy long run
(to compensate for the fried foods, ya know?)
the weather was the most perfect running weather and my body had so much energy, I swear I could have gone forever if it didn't get dark.
but 5 miles isn't too bad.

Sunday of course, awesome. my favorite day of the week.
church was spectacular.
have I mentioned how much I love the ward out here?
relief society is my favorite hour out of the whole week
but seriously.
my favorite lady is Sister Susan, she is the RS chorister
and everytime she gets up to lead a song she says
"oh this is a good one y'all"
and when she reads a scipture or a story she stands up in front of everyone and reads it as if it's a child's bedtime story.
I love her.
but she is a close tie with the old lady who thinks she is whispering to someone but is actually yelling.
and for the life of me I can never remember her name.
but this ward has taken me right underneath their wing and made me feel like a part of each of their families.
they. are. great.
and a giant thank you to the Bowles family for letting Mary and I crash your house last night for a taste of those awesome brownies.

life is good, people. life is good.

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