Tuesday, August 16, 2011

happy toooesdy

ahh.. well here I am. sitting at Port City Java on Market street waiting for my next class to begin. That's right... today was my first day of school. a college drop out no longer. I'm back! 
earlier today I had my spinning class with Doc. that class will be rad! my teacher is the bomb. now I am waiting to head to spanish. 
as for now I am relaxing at PCJ (for all those wondering, Port City Java is the Starbucks of Wilmington and it's surrounding areas. I have only seen one Star bucks here. They just don't exist. and for good reason... Port City Java is ahhhmazing!) 
also. remember the days where you couldn't leave the house on your first day of school because your mom had to snap a photo? 
photos like these.... 

well I went ahead and took my own first day of school photo this morning... just for you, mama

anyway... I think I'll order myself an early dinner and head to class. then a run at the beach. livin' the life over here, people...

oh, and what sort of a sister would I be if I didn't do a quick shout out to my baby brother (I use the word baby sparingly since he is 6'1 and believes he is the absolute shiz... but my baby brother he will always be) he is 15 YEARS OLD today! That's just crazy to me... anyway- I sure do love that punky kid. most days. and ladies, one more year until he is on the market. but beware, you'll have to answer to me. 

Happy birthday, Bart Kendall! Love you, bud.  
and yes this picture was 2 years ago, but I just love it so...

 keep it real.

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Courtney Kearns said...

ohhh my. I really hope I didn't bring that my twin doll to schoool. then the second picture.. flannel with my silver platform sketchers? wow.