Wednesday, September 7, 2011


it's 3 am. here's what's on my mind:
adele is way to amazing it kills me
yikes! that was some thunder just now
this picture of me downtown is kinda silly
i'm freaking happy it's FALL! goodbye heat, goodbye humidity, goodbye tourists
i want a puppy 
modern family, i miss you
what's the office going to be like now?
did we ever find out who let the dogs out? 
it's a very very good thing i don't worry work tomorrow 
i should try to sleep now
i really eat too much ice cream
i sound ridiculous speaking spanish 
i think i'll go running downtown tomorrow
it still blows my mind it's september 
people are awkward 
sundrop from eagle island is... perfect
grocery shopping tomorrow. i've missed food.
shout out to lindsay mccall 
i need to pee 
 the end

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