Thursday, September 8, 2011

a day in the life

so back when i used to watch the young and the restless...ha...they used to hang out a lot at a coffee house (the name i can't remember for the life of me) anywayyyy... i used to always want a place like that to go chill out at, do homework, relax, surf the web... all good things. but it was a soap opera. those places only exist on the tv. well, on the tv and in wilmington, nc, of course. 
i've mentioned it before. port city java? do you recall? the starbucks of southeastern north carolina. well i am there now. chilling at the downtown location waiting for class to begin. it's quite heavenly. i also have crazed one tree hill fans chilling outside my window. why? they're filming across the street. but i like to pretend these fans are here for me. cause, ya know, i'm famous... here is me and the fun outside
last night i went on the most legit run down along The Loop (that's at wrightsville beach... fyi) I beat my own personal record and ran it 2.5 times (that's 7.5 miles!) i haven't been able to do that since last summer, so i was patting myself on the back. but ahhh the sunset you guys, the sunset!! it was sensational last night. it was hard to keep running, it was so distracting... it made me realize (again) how lucky i am and how much i love love love wilmington. 
it was just that amazing. 
anyway, i guess i'll get back to doing my spanish homework before class... yuck. oh, i am 90% positive i have tonsillitis. double yuck.
it hurts.  (hence the amazing cup of port city java ice in above pic)
xo dolls.

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kristen said...

Hey, so... random but I found your blog and I'm a film student at BYU (emphasizing in producing) graduating this April and I'm starting to seriously consider the move to Wilmington to look for work. Randomly stumbling across your blog was a pure stroke of luck and I was wondering if I could possibly email you and ask some questions? If you don't want to post your email here you can email me first at :)