Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AMA attack

are you overwhelmed with all my blogging lately? you should be.

did you catch the AMA's Sunday night? no? it's okay, me neither.
however... i did catch up with some of the performances online
and here's a few of my favorites!

i really don't have bieber fever. never have. (except that one false alarm last year) but this performace is so raw and really quite amazing. just the first song though (as long as you love me)- the second song... pass. 
stop while your ahead, biebs. also, pull up your pants.

i have been really loving me some kelly clarkson lately. she never fails to disappoint me. this melody was pretty steller. my favorite hit of hers will always be "since you been gone" 
it has never gotten old... like never. not even once.

speaking of american idol...(were we speaking of that?) i can't fail to mention my girl carrie underwood. i still believe that courtney cook and i were the reason she won however many years ago. we were that dedicated in voting. i've stayed loyal ever since. she shows them how it's done time and time again. 
and she's so pretty it hurts my eyes. 

ummm. when did taylor swift turn into such a woman? she's so classy nowadays. also, i am really enjoying the new sound she has going on. sure, okay, her vocals have never been strong. but she is one heck of a performer.
 tswizzle, i give you the lauren stamp of approval.
you can sleep soundly now.

weirdest performance? i'm not even going to post it. but you can look it up yourself if you must. 
PINK.... what the heck? she usually never disappoints live but good grief, this was a weird one. too weird for me, at least. was she getting raped on stage? i couldn't figure it out. and dangit, i loved that song... i probably still do. but whatever. the end. 

also. i don't want to hear anymore complaints that i never blog anymore
(cough... mom, cough.)
after all, this is the 3rd post since sunday!
happy toooesday

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Carolyn said...

Keep them comin' Lauren Love. Just keep 'em coming. There's never enough for your Momma!