Monday, January 7, 2013

2 years later.......

2 years ago tonight i rolled my little white vibe across the cape fear memorial bridge and into wilmington, north carolina. i was nineteen years old, scared to death and dreaming big. i wasn't sure what i was in for. at all. i didn't know a soul but i knew this is where i needed to be, and that was enough for me. 

dear nineteen year old me, 

tonight you arrived in your new home. still beautiful, isn't it? in a few more days you'll drop mom off at the airport and bawl all the way back to your apartment. take a bubble bath... or two, it is the only thing right now that will really calm you. i know you're so scared, you feel alone and unsure. but this feeling will only last today. it will get better quick. you'll go on a date tonight and make new friends. you will fall quickly into an amazing group of people who will still be there for you years later. life won't always be easy in wilmington, you will struggle and go through crazy hard times. you may even want to get out a time or two. (shocker!) but at the end of the day always remember that you are quite literally living your dream and are blessed more than you could ever imagine. which is pretty dang amazing. you will survive here just as much as you will live here. you will mold and create an amazing life in wilmington that will benefit you, bless you and be incredibly fun! this will become your home. and you will love it. you really are where you are meant to be. 

(almost) twenty-two year old you

p.s. that crush you have right now.... yeah, stop. not worth an ounce of your time. drink sundrop instead. peace!   

flashback to THIS post. 

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