Friday, January 11, 2013

soundtrack to my day

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i am weird because... (see photo strip below. why am i so weird.)
i have a phobia of potatoes with sprouts on them (yes, ironic, i'm from idaho. let's hear that joke one more time.) 
i am deathly afraid of clowns. the other day i was driving on the highway and looked up to see the most horrible billboard covered in ronald mcdonald's face. i almost crashed. my. car. 
i'm nearly 22 and still cry for my mom when i'm sick

i have a very delicate and precise nighttime routine and i sleep in socks every. night. 
i still believe nsync will get back together someday

i am a bad friend because...

i am starting to never return text messages in a reasonable amount of time. and sometimes, i just won't answer my phone. oops.
i can be selfish with my time/i put my best friend first, always

i let some of you go without even trying
i never have enough money to buy you really cool presents
sometimes i never am open enough with my feelings

i am a good friend because...

i am the best listener
and because i give pretty good advice (if i do say so myself)
i want all of my friends to succeed
i am loyal and trustworthy
i will figure out how to make a no good, very bad day.... a little bit better.

i am sad because...

i have been deathly ill for a week now (but seriously.) and haven't been able to work. that's over 3 weeks of being out of my job. translation: over 3 weeks of no $$$.

boys are mean. and murder is illegal.
my hair is short, thus making it a lot harder to pull off a lazy hair doo. shoot.
i need to fill up my car with gas tonight with money i don't have
i still slightly sound like a dying frog. curse you, head cold/stomach flu.

i am happy because...

i live in wilmington, north carolina and our weather this week has been a glorious 70+ degrees. ah, such a hard life that i live......
i have a roof over my head, a fridge full of food and lovely roommates
i am, so far, kicking 2013's gluteus maximus (that means "butt" by the way:)

my abs hurt from laughing so hard today with my bes fran
i am so blessed

i am excited for...
my birthday in a few weeks! 

an entire year ahead with fresh chances
mac to come home from his mish in 5ish months (yes, lindsay. 5ish months.)
beach weather.... we're almost thereeeee
jury duty next week!!!  ....that was a mean joke. i am not excited.
end of spring/beginning of summer
family vaca

getting this semester knocked out of the way 

the end.

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Carolyn said...

Love to start the day with a fresh blog from my Peaches. Love you!