Wednesday, March 13, 2013

guilty of...

+ of spending the rest of my night  watching grey's anatomy, 
drinking sprite and
 munching on saltine crackers...... 
if you couldn't tell, 
i'm feeling a bit queasy tonight.
+ of having good conversation today at work 
with a sponsored guest playing golf; 
afterwards, my boss came up to me and 
said "do you realize who that is?" and
apparently i was talking to Giancarlo "John"
Esposito and had absolutely no idea. oops. 
+ of deciding that the name "mackenzy"
is the sexiest name for a man. 
which is ironic and quite convenient,
 one may say. 
+ of realizing just how much the 
hard times really do reveal who your true friends are. 
+ of having a new addiction to chocolate milk. 
+ of procrastinating like nobody's business.... 
it's a real, real problem.
+ of being such a lame blogger lately.
+ of  borrowing my best friend's xbox until 
he is home from his mission in almost 3 months. 
it is fueling my hulu plus and netflix addiction perfectly.
+  of  loosing my miiiiiind. 
but, really.
+ also, lost my keys.  
3 days ago.
 they grew legs and ran away 
because they are no where to be found..... 
and when i say no where, i mean no where. 
i'm frustrated.
+ of still watching grey's anatomy, 
drinking sprite 
and munching on saltine crackers....
(i did, however, work in some chocolate milk)


Michelle Johnston Wirick said...

I don't tell you enough but I love reading your blog :) makes me laugh, out loud.. and who is "john" esposito?

Carolyn said...

I agree! Who is he?? But thanks for updating your blog. It makes me oh so happy!!!

Carolyn said...

Just looked him up and now realize who he is! Pretty cute you didn't!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Mackenzy is a girl name!!!;)