Wednesday, April 24, 2013

love notes

dear phone,
thank you for working properly again. really. thanks. you've recovered from our accident quicker than i have! 

dear neighbor, 
you really are the sweetest thing. but must you keep chatting to me for 20 minutes on my
way up to my apartment? also, why are you always outside? 

dear week, 
i am ready for you to be over. 

dear knee, 
you're spreading your bruises like wildfire down my leg. aaaand you're annoying. 

dear self,
"don't get discouraged. things will work out." -gordon b. hinckley 

dear jimmy johns,
i really fancy your beach club. like, a lot. yum. 

dear change,
why do i struggle with you so? 

dear "the wonder years", 
i finished the series finale today. now what am i supposed to watch? (open to suggestions) 

dear missionary,
ummm, 56 days. when did that happen? whoaaaaa

dear miranda lambert,
i just really like this song of yours.... especially tonight, for some reason. sing it girl. 


Courtney Kearns said...

Do you like murder mysteries? Because The Killing is on Netflix and it premieres again when you are home so we can watch it together. And I agree, this week sucks. Let it be June already.

Carolyn said...

Hi. I love my Peaches. I like her blog. I'm glad she's alive. I like that she's coming home to visit. The End.