Tuesday, April 30, 2013

it's that time, again....

howdy, folks! and happy tuesday! 
i've just got to say.......  there is nothing quite like a good ol' fashioned PB&J
i just made myself one for lunch and i felt like a five year old kid again. 
so, that's that! 
i have some exciting news to share!! 
wait for it...... wait for it.... 
remember that internship i did in february on the movie "frat brothers"? 
(check out my experience here, here, here aannndd here!)  
.... it worked! 
they asked me to come back for another movie! this time, not as an intern... i will get some pennies out of it! people, this is pretty huge! i am officially a paid production assistant! 
it starts this friday, and it's a 17 day shoot. we will wrap up may 20th.
bring on 6 days a week, monday-saturday, 14 hour days
typical life in the film world, blah
ALSO..... the movie is called "the perfect summer" 
it stars jason castro from season 5 of american idol
and soap opera princess sydney penny 
all other cast members names have not been released, so that is my secret to keep!
everyday but two will be spent along the beaches of north carolina!
hellooooo perfect job!
i am so excited to spend the next few weeks straight with my film family
i am so blessed to be able to work with the same amazing crew
bring it on! 

things i am grateful for today:
my bes fran 
my buddy and future roommate, cari bug 
the gospel 


courtneykearns said...

I don't know if you know this, but Jason Castro is like... my weird celebrity crush. You know how there are people in Hollywood who you are a little bit embarrassed about having a crush on? Jason Castro. Not kidding. Give him a kiss for me.

Carolyn said...

So excited for you! And love your pic. So pretty!